Nigerians waiting for you to fulfill your promises – Cardinal tells Buhari


Cardinal Anthony Okogie is known for his frank opinions on pressing national issues.

The Emeritus Archbishop of Lagos, Cardinal Anthony Okogie, has called on President Buhari to act fast and save the lives of Nigerians, who he said are hungry.

Okogie also urged the President to fulfil the promises he made to Nigerians when he was campaigning.

“Nigerians are waiting for you to fulfill the promises you made during the campaign. They voted you into office because of those promises. The introduction of town hall meetings is a commendable idea. But in practice, you, not just your ministers, must converse with Nigerians. You are the President. You must be accountable to them. The buck stops on your desk. Even if your administration has no magic wand at least give some words of encouragement.”

Okogie also asked the President to implement the change agenda in truth, because “change is not real when old things that we ought to discard refuse to pass away.”

The Priest, who said this in an open letter to Buhari, said “Today, cries of “hunger” could be heard across the length and breadth of our vast country. Nigerians hunger, not only for food, but also for good leadership, for peace, security and justice.”

He also said  “This letter is to appeal to you to do something fast, and, if you are already doing something, to redouble your effort. May it not be written on the pages of history that Nigerians die of starvation under your watch.

“As President, you are the chief servant of the nation. I therefore urge you to live up to the huge expectation of millions of Nigerians. A stitch in time saves nine.”

Cardinal Okogie had earlier called on Buhari to seek the help of experts in order to revive Nigeria’s economy.


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