Businesses That Will Fetch You Much Money This Christmas

Christmas is a season where celebrations and fun are usually at the peak.

To those who are business-minded, it is also an opportunity to make big money while the celebrations last.

Entrepreneurs who desire to make huge gains during the yuletide can give these 10 money-spinning business ideas a try:

  Hamper(Gift Basket)
Hamper are gift pacuks that you are usually exchanged between friends and families during festivities.

Gone are the days of old gift baskets stuffed with bottles of champagne, olives and crackers and decorated with cellophane and curling ribbon.

Gift baskets have been transformed into beautiful, elegant, thoughtful gift hamper that reflect the givers’ true feelings towards the recipient.

Gift baskets are very useful during this period.
The good side of the business is that a starter can just visit a grocery store, buy various fruits, biscuit, chocolates candy and other various items and package them nicely in cane baskets.

The hamper can be packaged with beautiful Christmas-branded wrappers.
Hampers are sold at supermarket, stalls or sometimes taken to offices depending on the location at an average price of N10,000 or $22 depending on the content and the source.
The more the content, quality, the higher the price.
Hampers are usually sold for twice their original value, so the investor can make a 100% profit or even more per sale.
Costumes For Santa Claus
During Christmas, it is usually a custom for kids to visit Santa Claus (Father Christmas) who is generally seen as the symbol of Christmas.

As a result, costumes for Santa are usually in high demand at this period.

It remains a viable money-spinning trade for any entrepreneur who desires.

The investor is required to source for the costumes and supply them to various individuals, event planners, corporate bodies, schools, among other users.

Santa outfit ranges between $12 – $25 in USA depending on the source and the quality.


Christmas Wears
There is usually an increase in the demand for accessories like caps, hats, antlers, beanies, baseball hats, socks, scarves, hand bands, necklaces and ties customised for Christmas.

christmas accessories 

This is one business venture that one can pick up easily and can be assured of good returns.

The accessories are sold as low as $2 and above depending on the shape, design and material used.

But with a minimal start – up capital, a willing investor is good to go.

Christmas Trees And Other Decoration Accessories

The sight of Christmas trees and other decoration accessories are usually phenomenal to behold at home, community centers, offices, religious institutions, supermarkets and various firms.

This is another good small-scale business idea.

With a creative mind and the right choice of materials, you are good to go.

Others include lights, baubles, candles and fragrance and accents.

These décor items are sold at affordable rates while the entrepreneur can make cool cash.


Many corporate bodies and individuals would happily pay a good price to take this chore off their shoulders.

With this, the business owner can help customers decorate their homes, stores and offices.

Ultimately, the quality of work done would be the greatest source of advertisement.

However, to provide client with special decorating services and installing Christmas lights like banquet halls, churches and so on, you will need basic tools like ladders, cordless drill, safety pins, thumb pins and other hand tools.

Balloon and Ribbon can also be incorporated into your designs and are available at very reasonable prices.


As dreaded as they are, people still can’t do without banger and fireworks during Christmas.

Especially children and there is a huge money behind this cracking sounds.

An unofficial report states that Nigerians spend more than N10 billion annually on fireworks and bangers just within the period of December.

The real money in this business is in supply of the products to shops and other petty sellers.
Some even ship it in and sell it at an affordable rate.
With a low capital of Nigerian N5,000 – N20,000, you can start conveniently and expand as demand increases.
These items are in demand from the first week of December to the first week of January.
Kiddie’s Parties
The trend every festive season is for private and nursery schools to organize kiddie’s parties after exams.
Even media houses, gardens and amusement parks owners now organize Christmas party for kids’ accompanied by their parents, guardian and friends.
An entrepreneur can decide to organize a Christmas party for a group of children and incorporate great kid’s party game ideas that are fun and not competitive to keep the children well entertained.
Kiddies party Kiddies party Games like “gift wrap relay”, pass the parcel, snowball peace, Santa trip and mare at these games are also excellent for kids of all ages who are looking for ways to have fun.
For an entrepreneur, another option is to rent these costumes, get some souvenirs, offer to supply some schools or corporate bodies and then strike a good deal.
Sales Of Beef, Poultry Meat
Since celebration and feasting are usually norms during the season, buying beef and poultry meat (Chicken, turkey) in whatever form and size is a must in many homes and this business is a money spinner.
A willing entrepreneur is required to buy and resell by locating a reputable poultry firm or frozen stores who sell in wholesale price, and are willing to trade for cool cash.
chicken meat In Nigeria, a carton of turkey is solid at N7, 000 and above while chicken goes averagely for N6,000 depending and the location.
The good thing about the business is an all-time business. It commands patronage all seasons.
Clothing materials, wears
During festive season many people want to look good and admirable, so they prefer new clothes and other wares not minding the cost.
And this tradition increase patronage of various boutique or clothing outlets.
More so, party dress will be a sure hit as everyone will have a lot of parties to attend.
However, to get quality designs of beautiful dresses and smart stylish wares in different colours, shapes, and sizes, a visit to Lagos markets like Eko – Idumota, Dosumu and Oshodi and other big markets across the country would be helpful to buy and resell.
Those who can afford the cost can also import foreign brands or clothing line at this season.
Gift Wrappers
During festive seasons, people exchange gift with their friends, relatives, colleagues and customers. These gifts are wrapped in beautiful Christmas – branded gift wraps.
So an entrepreneur can make a lot of money by investing on gift wrappers.
Toys are also in high demand at this period. The business requires little capital and the market abound with potentials. Selling toys at this season is worthwhile.
 Christmas Cards
In this era of social media where greetings or messages are sent via a text messages and other social medium platform, there are still some classes of people who prefer to send cards with personal notes and messages.
With this, a willing entrepreneur can consider making customized Christmas cards and have them sold to colleagues and friends.
Card making requires creativity with good designs and heart-warming messages that can captivate buyers. Thus, increase patronage.

   However, the success of these business ideas depend majorly on the business acumen of the entrepreneur or starter.

But the good news is, the potentials abound while the investor can smile to bank as long as the willingness is there and things are done rightly.




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